Old School Blackmoor

The Seer

Where the heroes meet death by friendly fire!

The Seer of Drunken Druids

A full month has passed since the dangerous watery escapade out of Red Woods dungeon. The heroes are now well recovered and ready for further tests of courage and mettle.

Called before the Patriarch of Blackmoor, the heroes listen to the tale of “the Seer”. His description is that of an old, wise elven mystic whose predictive capacities often times helped the realm of Blackmoor.

The Seer has been last spotted within the small forest west of the Red Woods, alongside the main street to Castle Blackmoor. The forest houses a druidical order well known for its love not only of nature, but also of its byproducts… The druids maintain a hearty production of alcoholic beverages, produced out of special local berries.

The woods stand over hilly terrain. A subterranean compound serves the druids’ rituals and beverage production needs. A magic sealed room enables isolation and undisturbed meditation for weeks at end. This hidden room is not detectable by druids, unless instructed by their superiors beforehand. This was the Seer’s last known location.

The catch: meanwhile a well organised goblin clan stormed the place. They took advantage of the druids’ weak position during the Red Woods affair. Many druids were away helping with the forest’s purification rituals. The goblins conquered the place but were never heard of ever since.

Finding the way

Most heroes of the former adventure reunite at the village’s center. Some of the companions went out to pursue other errands. Doubts arise soon about how to meet their goal, as some of the drunken druids swear having seen the Seer leave the compound shortly before the goblin attack. They believe he headed towards the southern mountains, perhaps to the town of Bramwald.


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