Old School Blackmoor

An omnious beginning...
Where the heroes learn to fear the odor of vinegar

Cursed Woods

Adventuring folks are summoned by the Count of Blackmoor to investigate a dire curse in the Red Woods. Those affected by it are left sterile and display signs of mental instability. The curse is said to have been called upon by a malcontent elven wizard, formely exiled by the elven forest masters.

The assembled adventurers are reunited in a small elven settlement in the western Red Woods, the Patriarch of Blackmoor is also present. Accordingly to the town’s folk, the old wizard weaved his magic within an ancient cavern system below the Red Woods, in a particularly deep forested and thus darker region.

Through shreud investigation the adventurers discover that there was meant to be two entrances to the dangerous complex. They opt to try the alternative, forgotten entrance. This one is located inside the trunk of a huge tree. The trunk entrance reveals itself trapped and poisoned with a dangerous muck.

The dungeon is dark, damp and unfriendly. Once they are deep into the tunnels, a strong odor of vinegar abounds. This odor comes from an unnatural room, filled in a knee-depth murky substance, responsible for the horrible smell. In the center of it, a circular structure filled with unholy markings, out of which the liquid slowly flowed.

This would be the many of a number of similar structures which would reveal themselves as a sort of seal to the evil power fueling the curse. All the structures summoned creatures to defend it upon assail. The heroes bravely fought and destroyed all three structures they found, but lost four of their companions during the battles. When the last structure was destroyed, a flood of liquid started to pour over the whole dungeon and the last survivors barely made it out of the place alive, being almost drowned in the substance shortly before reaching their goal.


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