Old School Blackmoor

Rushing into a stone wall
In which the heroes leave no stone standing

The rogue Wilbur coordinates with the local Thieves’ guild to cut possible scape routes for the wizard. Meanwhile the group storms the place. The young and beautiful thief Raha accompanies them as a temporary replacement for Wilbur.

The Druid warns the party that he has summoned a number of dangerous earth creatures into the dungeon, in the hopes of them killing the wizard.

The four paths
- the path from which a scout never returned…
- the main path: trapped corridor
- the main path: barred corridor
- the path built by the Thieves’ Guild

The demonic corridor and the warehouse of assassins

The grabbing grass and the final assassin

Rescuing the Headsman

Into the wizards lair
- the research room
- the oozing room
- the lightning corridor
- the stone treasure and the cocktrices
- the wizard caught in surprise

The revealing letter: the wizard lost his treasure to one of the druid’s creatures, a gorgon, who killed all workers on that sector and left it impossible for others to reache the goods, including scrolls prepared for the assassins (thugs). The wizard works for a being he calls “the Duke” and was desperate for more funding, fearing for his life, as the thugs patience weared.

Captured by the party, he was brought back to authorities in Bramwald. Now the heroes have their status back and mission has finally been completed.


The Headsman and the Thugs

An unusual friend

Where the heroes enter a city, but land in a dungeon

The artist
Aldaan and the well
Elephant panic!
Into the well
The traps and the golems
The Hag
The truth
Preparations for the hunt

The Barge
Where the heroes face their first dragon and halfling flies

The barge
Cats over water
The Centaurs
The black dragon and the legendary flying hobbit (lost Spear +1 to Black Dragon of the Northern Black Swamp)
The crocodiles
Sir Croergo and the Cyclops
Battle against the cyclops: the flying hobbit and the thief defeat one, the company must flee before the other opponents

Thieves' Den
Where the heroes bring the fight to the enemy

The trail start
The apes
The baboons
The lions
The outpost
The path to the enemy
To Storm a dungeon
Battle against the clerical leader: Banded Mail +5

Stormkiller Mountains
Where the heroes...

Trolling in dreams

The Troll

The Cave

The Trip

The Bandits

The hidden path

Two is company, three is a crowd
Where the heroes meets one too many Seers

Yustav “Cole O. Ned” and the second Seer

Surprise stamped on their faces, the heroes ask right away who that second Seer is! Cole O. Ned seems to not know the fellow, but he also barely remembers anything from the night before, as he was too drunk.

The second Seer remembers nothing but his name as well. He is surprised to be called “Seer” and unsettled by the appearance of a twin.


Blackmoor: the lost brother with a magical ring, the belt, the magics (Illusion? Polymorph?) / The trip / The road beggar / The map to the dwarven hollows (special trees) / The Moor Trolls / The Veteran Group / Williamsfort, the nobles, the hobbit clan, the bridge troll / Yustav’s Farm / The battle against the worms / The Seer’s cache / The Dragon / The Master Thief’s cache / The “third” Seer (who already passed through the city, having had to help the noble, and was bound to the city beyond the pass)

BKG Known to the players: the Barony’s mission (to hold out against the limit’s of the known world, Chaos) / the Republic of Thonia, the Iron Duke (enemy of Uther), the riches of the Dwarves

Where the heroes track a mountain farmer

The Beggar

In their last adventure, the elven Seer informed the heroes of is dreams of a mountaineous area, where a strange kind of two-colored goat lived. Research indicated that such goats where a rare species, reared by a family of well-to-do mountain farmers.

Further research indicated that reaching their farmer was a perilous, dangerous enterprise, as it was well-hidden. There was a way though: finding the family’s “black sheep” Yustav. A notorious gambler and womanizer, Yustav had a fight with his family and fled to Blackmoor city. There, he was said to have got indebted and lost all his money, roaming the streets as a beggar. The heroes had now to decide between going directly to the farmlands near Williamsfort, or to search for this strange man in the barony’s capitol city. The go for the later.

The capitol city holds a few surprises for the heroes. First they discover that both the Patriarch as well as Baron Uther Andahar are out on an expedition to the north-western regions of the barony. Second they discover that the no-one knows about a “Yustav from Williamsfort” here. Third the city has a second castle entrance, from the inside of it, which leads to the old dungeons of the original castle: those are deemed so spectacular and dangerous that a slew of merchants line the entran.e to it: they even sell bottoms “I’ve been to Blackmoor Dungeon!” to adventurer’s who manage to leave alive! But where to start???

The group’s thief enters in contact with the local guild and receives good news: Yustav is indeed in the city, but is known here as Cole Oliver Ned, better known as “Cole O. Ned”. He has been gambling in a big party being held on the famous Comeback Inn by one of the city’s more illustrious figures: the “Great Sneevy”, a warrior of great renown.

In the party the heroes meet fleetly Great Sneevy and discover that Cole O. Ned is already out again… this time to Blackmoor Dungeons! And he is not alone: in his company he had a bunch of would-be adventurers determined on winning a bet about who could survive the longer in the infamous “Orcish Way”, a legendary passage starting at the first level of the dungeon. To make thing even stranger, it was said Cole and another person had a special, magical Friendship Rings, which let two people be attuned of the feelings and overall whereabouts of each other.

The heroes do not dawdle. Into the dungeons it is.

Blackmoor Dungeons, Level I

A huge hall opens up before the heroes. The dungeon looks immense and foreboding. A reek of danger looms over the entire place and it is with an uneasy feeling that they start the quest for the lost beggar/farmer/adventurer.

A few abandoned rooms and one death later (the party’s mage…), the group encounters a wandering priest, Davos, who lost his entire adventuring group to the monster’s located in a secret entrance to the lower dungeon levels. Davons informs the party that he heard of another exit, created by a kobold clan. Following this lead, they meet yet another soul in the dungeons, a farmer turned mage and apprentice to Jalasper (a Blackmoorian Wizard) which thought himself shielded from the rest of the dungone. He readly joins the threatening group and leads them to the northern sections, where the Orcian way is then finally found.

The bizarre Orcian Way, a circular ladder going down, and down, and down almost gets the heroes killed, as wave upon wave of orc warriors arrive in a seemling endless stream to do battle. Deciding to retreat, they soon discover that the way back is a very special one… falling from a height, now outside the dungeons, they barely survive thanks to Jalasper’s protection magics, cast on his apprentice.

On the shores the heroes discover that they are not alone… also panting beside them are two forms… one of a beraggled beggar Cole O. Ned! And near him…. the elven Seer… AGAIN???

The Seer
Where the heroes meet death by friendly fire!

The Seer of Drunken Druids

A full month has passed since the dangerous watery escapade out of Red Woods dungeon. The heroes are now well recovered and ready for further tests of courage and mettle.

Called before the Patriarch of Blackmoor, the heroes listen to the tale of “the Seer”. His description is that of an old, wise elven mystic whose predictive capacities often times helped the realm of Blackmoor.

The Seer has been last spotted within the small forest west of the Red Woods, alongside the main street to Castle Blackmoor. The forest houses a druidical order well known for its love not only of nature, but also of its byproducts… The druids maintain a hearty production of alcoholic beverages, produced out of special local berries.

The woods stand over hilly terrain. A subterranean compound serves the druids’ rituals and beverage production needs. A magic sealed room enables isolation and undisturbed meditation for weeks at end. This hidden room is not detectable by druids, unless instructed by their superiors beforehand. This was the Seer’s last known location.

The catch: meanwhile a well organised goblin clan stormed the place. They took advantage of the druids’ weak position during the Red Woods affair. Many druids were away helping with the forest’s purification rituals. The goblins conquered the place but were never heard of ever since.

Finding the way

Most heroes of the former adventure reunite at the village’s center. Some of the companions went out to pursue other errands. Doubts arise soon about how to meet their goal, as some of the drunken druids swear having seen the Seer leave the compound shortly before the goblin attack. They believe he headed towards the southern mountains, perhaps to the town of Bramwald.

An omnious beginning...
Where the heroes learn to fear the odor of vinegar

Cursed Woods

Adventuring folks are summoned by the Count of Blackmoor to investigate a dire curse in the Red Woods. Those affected by it are left sterile and display signs of mental instability. The curse is said to have been called upon by a malcontent elven wizard, formely exiled by the elven forest masters.

The assembled adventurers are reunited in a small elven settlement in the western Red Woods, the Patriarch of Blackmoor is also present. Accordingly to the town’s folk, the old wizard weaved his magic within an ancient cavern system below the Red Woods, in a particularly deep forested and thus darker region.

Through shreud investigation the adventurers discover that there was meant to be two entrances to the dangerous complex. They opt to try the alternative, forgotten entrance. This one is located inside the trunk of a huge tree. The trunk entrance reveals itself trapped and poisoned with a dangerous muck.

The dungeon is dark, damp and unfriendly. Once they are deep into the tunnels, a strong odor of vinegar abounds. This odor comes from an unnatural room, filled in a knee-depth murky substance, responsible for the horrible smell. In the center of it, a circular structure filled with unholy markings, out of which the liquid slowly flowed.

This would be the many of a number of similar structures which would reveal themselves as a sort of seal to the evil power fueling the curse. All the structures summoned creatures to defend it upon assail. The heroes bravely fought and destroyed all three structures they found, but lost four of their companions during the battles. When the last structure was destroyed, a flood of liquid started to pour over the whole dungeon and the last survivors barely made it out of the place alive, being almost drowned in the substance shortly before reaching their goal.


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