Old School Blackmoor

Two is company, three is a crowd

Where the heroes meets one too many Seers

Yustav “Cole O. Ned” and the second Seer

Surprise stamped on their faces, the heroes ask right away who that second Seer is! Cole O. Ned seems to not know the fellow, but he also barely remembers anything from the night before, as he was too drunk.

The second Seer remembers nothing but his name as well. He is surprised to be called “Seer” and unsettled by the appearance of a twin.


Blackmoor: the lost brother with a magical ring, the belt, the magics (Illusion? Polymorph?) / The trip / The road beggar / The map to the dwarven hollows (special trees) / The Moor Trolls / The Veteran Group / Williamsfort, the nobles, the hobbit clan, the bridge troll / Yustav’s Farm / The battle against the worms / The Seer’s cache / The Dragon / The Master Thief’s cache / The “third” Seer (who already passed through the city, having had to help the noble, and was bound to the city beyond the pass)

BKG Known to the players: the Barony’s mission (to hold out against the limit’s of the known world, Chaos) / the Republic of Thonia, the Iron Duke (enemy of Uther), the riches of the Dwarves


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