Old School Blackmoor

Rushing into a stone wall

In which the heroes leave no stone standing

The rogue Wilbur coordinates with the local Thieves’ guild to cut possible scape routes for the wizard. Meanwhile the group storms the place. The young and beautiful thief Raha accompanies them as a temporary replacement for Wilbur.

The Druid warns the party that he has summoned a number of dangerous earth creatures into the dungeon, in the hopes of them killing the wizard.

The four paths
- the path from which a scout never returned…
- the main path: trapped corridor
- the main path: barred corridor
- the path built by the Thieves’ Guild

The demonic corridor and the warehouse of assassins

The grabbing grass and the final assassin

Rescuing the Headsman

Into the wizards lair
- the research room
- the oozing room
- the lightning corridor
- the stone treasure and the cocktrices
- the wizard caught in surprise

The revealing letter: the wizard lost his treasure to one of the druid’s creatures, a gorgon, who killed all workers on that sector and left it impossible for others to reache the goods, including scrolls prepared for the assassins (thugs). The wizard works for a being he calls “the Duke” and was desperate for more funding, fearing for his life, as the thugs patience weared.

Captured by the party, he was brought back to authorities in Bramwald. Now the heroes have their status back and mission has finally been completed.


The Headsman and the Thugs

An unusual friend


Julio Julio

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